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Frequently Asked Questions

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Deliveries will either be: 

via LALAMOVE, for Metro Manila

via LBC, for Provinces

Our office is located at: Ste. 414, Medical Towers Makati, Inc., 103 VA Rufino St., Legaspi Village, City of Makati, 1229 Philippines.  Please refer to our Store Locator for details and directions. 

36 months from purchase date against all manufacturing defects.  Mishandling, normal wear and unauthorized repair will void this warranty.  Please follow manufacturer’s care and instruction guidelines.

Dear Doctors:

Kindly read these informative guidelines for your future reference in maintaining the quality of your high-grade stainless steel dental instruments.

  1. Instruments must be thoroughly rinsed with mild soap & water right after every use to remove particles coming from blood serum, saliva and other undesirable substances that may contribute in causing corrosion over a period of time.
  2. Instruments must be thoroughly dry before storing to prevent moisture entrapment within the serrations, joints, lever axis and clippings that may soon develop into corrosion.
  3. Do not soak your instruments in cold sterilizing solution over a long period of time.  Extended soak in this strong solution will damage the external finish and will invite corrosion.  Wash your instruments right away with distilled or demineralized water and dry thoroughly.
  4. Avoid cleaning your instruments with rough and abrasive materials such as steel wool, scouring powder or any high ph detergents.  Always use cleaners of neutral detergents with a soft to medium hardness brushes.
  5. Always check your autoclave water, of the same water you are using, you may already have high concentration deposits of iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium or copper.  These may cause spotting, staining and may even cause corrosion.
  6. In hard water areas, inspect periodically the lime deposit from the steam line or at a better alternative use distilled or demineralized water for your autoclave.  Otherwise, you may install steam filters to eliminate most of the dirt, rust and pipe scales.
  7. Muslin wraps must be free from chlorine bleach as any residue can cause staining or corrosion during autoclave sterilization.
  8. Prolong soaking of your stainless steel instrument with these harmful chemicals will cause permanent stain and damage.a.)  Zephirin or Dakin’s Solution b.) Phenol, Lysol or Lodine          c.) Aluminum, Calcium, Barium, Ferrous or Stannous      Chlorine Solutions       

    d.) Mercury, Potassium or any acid solution

  9. Never mix your stainless steel instruments with any chrome plated one’s, a strong disturbance in electrolytic actions will occur between dissimilar metals breaking the chrome plate surface resulting to either pitting or a rusty appearance on your instruments.
  10. On autoclave sterilization, set gradual increase on temperature before getting into the steam.  Preheating the instruments will prevent excessive amount of condensation that may soon form on the surface of your instruments.
  11. Do not immediately open your autoclave after complete sterilization, excessive condensation will develop into the surface of your instruments which will eventually leave marks, stains and corrosion appearance.  Crack the clave and allow cooling and drying time before you open completely the autoclave.


Note:  carefully follow these informative guidelines to prolong the use of your high grade stainless steel dental instruments.